Monday, September 13, 2010

BJ's In the News: Ground Beef Recall

Hope everyone had a great summer, here is some BJ's news for the months of July and August:

CNN: Company Recalls Ground Beef After E. Coli Reports
The USDA says it believes certain BJ's Wholesale Club stores in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York  and Virginia received the products. 

Watch a video on the recall at: Ground Beef Recall

Taunton City Council Gives BJ's Addition the Go-Ahead
Taunton, MA-- The council voted unanimously to allow the completion of a new building adjacent to the existing BJ's Wholesale Club. 

Delaware Business: BJ's Elsmere- Area Store On the Way
The Wholesale club opening is planned for December 2010.

BJ's May Close Store in Westboro
Westboro, MA-- After more than 20-year presence, BJ's may close next year, when the company opens a bigger store less than 2 miles away in Northboro.

BJ's Back in Business After Roof Collapse
Akron, OH-- A BJ's store reopened August 7th after being closed on July 23rd, when a storm damaged its roof. 

Price Competition Sinks BJ's Profits
Citing" an intense level of price competition" from discounters and supermarkets, BJ's invested more heavily than expected in its own prices during the second quarter, causing margins and earnings to fall below expectations. 

BJ's Stems Profit Erosion Amid Slowing Sales in Q2
"Going into this year I thought the competitive environment would be a lot more severe as people were trying to gain sales based on the weak environment. But that has not been the case."- Laura Sen, chief executive officer

Downside Purchased on BJ's Wholesale (BJ)
Shares of BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. are lower on the session by 1.09%. The stock has been basing sideways for the past two months after a sharp pop higher. 

BJ's Wholesale Club July Sales Increase
BJ's Wholesale Club sales for July 2010 increased 2.8% compared to decreased sales of 9.1% in July 2009. 

Here are the results of the poll taken from our last post:
Question: What do you think of BJ's Star of the Year Program?

66% - Its strongly favoritism, I didn't like it
22%- Its legitimate, I love it
13%- It doesn't bother me, I have no opinion

It seems that the majority of you don't agree with the Star of the Year Program. Let us know how you were affected by the Ground Beef Recall by taking our new poll, just to the left of this months post. 

All of the comments from our previous posts are greatly appreciated. We are still receiving feedback on the Wage and Hour Suit story we posted a few months ago: 

Anonymous said that as long as the clubs " hit their numbers ", corporate will not care about day to day issues at the club level...

One anonymous person received a settlement check:  FYI, I got my settlement check today. South Florida.

An anonymous post on the home office: "They don't care about the employees, they just want to run a store with the bare minimum. The more they save the larger the bonus, so sure exploit the few good workers that you do have. If the store was properly staffed, and they stop giving the overtime to a select few then maybe they can manage the building."

Anonymous thinks "In order for BJ's to be a better company, they need to start with the home office."