Thursday, April 07, 2011

Laura Sen took a 17% Pay Cut, still raked in $4M

BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. CEO Laura Sen’s pay package totaled $4 million in 2010, down more than 17 percent from the previous year.

The Westboro-based retailer disclosed in a regulatory filing today that total compensation for Sen included $982,693 in salary along with $697,811 in performance-based pay and stock awards valued at $2.2 million.

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  1. Connie Lingus4/07/2011 12:39 PM

    Too bad BJ's doesn't allow it's hourly "team" members to achieve performance based pay and stock awards.

  2. Watch out BJ's Team Memebers. It appears the deal is about to go down. That investor (LGP) firm has the info needed for due diligence. It appears to be the only one. There have been no assurance that the benefits package will stay intact (-eg, health care)full-time status hours, vacation plan, personal days, birthday, sick days and pay rates. What do we know about what's going on? Nothing! We could be being sold up the river. Currently, as a publicly traded corporation we each had the option of being stockholders, this will change is the deal goes down. We were kept from joining any unions, meat cutters were paid union wage but will this stand? Have you ever wondered why BJ's has always been behind Costco? Costco is union and blows BJ's out of the water in every sense. Costco has less stock keeping units (SKUs) is open less hours per week, has better bennies and employees have representation (a union). Costco members are happy to shop there, employees are happy to work there. Too many things at BJ's are a sham, The use of Team Member is used as a way for management to bully use into cutting another employees throat, Star of the Month/Year is only a way play favorites. Does this make sense? The Star of the Month gets a day off with pay??? If they are such stars and team players then why do they get a day off? The rest of us have to bust ass even more because they aren't there. Oh and by the way...only one star each month per club??? come on people wake up. The stars should be be given an extra days pay but have to show up to work with the rest of us, after all they are essential, they are the stars. It's the carrot trick. Contact your local RWDSU office and at least look into what can be done. What we should is have a company wide call out day, just to get some respect. As for you managers who are going to cut this down, you have no idea what your future is either.

  3. and stop with the cute profanity, it's immature.

  4. I shake my head everytime I see my club's senior managers. Our Gm(1 Year Exp) does nothing on the floor other than collect boxes for the box bins, our OPS has been with BJ for 15 years plus and he can hardly control the food court let alone a club. But i have to admit our Senior Merch is the only one who actually performs her duties and then some.

    We have a very shaky crew at best in a lower volumne club. Moral of the club mimmicks the Gm, we are doomed. This used to be a very nice company to work for. I'm glad i'm retiring in 2012. I feel bad for the rest of the club's workers.

  5. We have the same kind of GM in our club.Sits upstairs with her favorite managers for 5 hrs a day,gives the meat manager more hours in her she can talk with her in her office.Then there is our ops wow is all I have to say knows nothing about perishables but makes up her own rules for the departments and puts time limits on tasks she has no idea how to do or long it takes to do them(she might be the biggest ugliest bully I have ever seen)Our club is a joke.

  6. She should take a 50% paycut and give the other half to the people that make her money the team members and some managers.

  7. oops, i did it again.4/24/2011 1:24 PM

    It would be nice to see the GM's earn their money, instead of hiding upstairs most of the day, and drinking Heineken and acting up on our dime with the DM Laurie while they we're doing it big in Florida.. It was good to see the pics on one of the GM's Facebook. I'm sure Laura Sen is apporving this behavior while we speak. Thanks Wayne(Club 153) for being smart enough to bless us with the pics!!!!

  8. I think it should be mandatory for GMs to work 1 month in each position before they become a GM so that way they know what goes on in that position and how to preform each task so they know what can be expected of the team members when they are the GM.

    1. I absolutely 100% agree with you!

  9. Our GM feels he doesn't have to learn to opertate a forklift. I have to admit, the previous GM didn't think twice about unloading a Burris if he had to. Shamey, Shamey, Shamey MW, your Gm's lack the everyday tools to earn their crazy paychecks.

  10. To those of you who have a lack of knowlege of what GM stands for,I am gladly to share a that with you. "G" for general "M" for money. Meanning that they get paid that six digget number out of your hard work. They learn well how to be a labiest, they become profecionalist on that,that is why they do not have time to go and lear how to run the club. They sit in the office hidding from all the problems that are happing.Ahhhhh! I do not want to leave out that those GM that do not know nothing about the bussinness are great ASS KISSER! So, if any of you wonder how some VP Regenal Managers ass taste ask a GM. Men GM too, they know how to kneel!

  11. You can't even spell. You should be happy to make $8 an hour for busting your ass.

  12. How come the store employees have to pass a drug screening when the home office employees do not? I know for a fact a few in the westboro home office like to smoke some weed on their lunch break. Very professional. How about we suggest BJs surprises them with a random drug test? Open up those jobs to people who take them seriously.

    1. hi,

      I'm coming late to the party, but when I worked at the home office, there was a known narcotics business going on. It was shocking. Open canvassing for viocodins, klonopins, any class 3 controlled substance in the office. I was approached about selling my meds to someone in the office during worktime. Needless to say, it blew me away.

      The people who were involved with this activity are still there, some are managers. Thankfully, I'm not there any more. Got caught in the big layoff of 2011, thankfully, and never looked back. That was five years of my life that I want back!!!

      I see that sign in the clubs that they screen all of their team members, and it makes me laugh. Yeah? Well, if they did in in the home office, there would be many people who wouldn't pass.

      Wish I had found this site years ago.

  13. It's not professional or responsible wherever it is happening. I am sure these individuals make other ill decisions while on the clock and will eventually be discovered. In the mean time, what is stopping you from bidding on currently available positions?

  14. To the 4/7 12:39 p.m. anon. person, not all Costco's are union. Unions aren't the end all be all they used to be. Our whole country is being under cut by outsourcing and yet everyone wants to save a dime. I don't want to work harder just to watch another co worker who thinks they should get some coasting time simply due to the amount of time they've been with the company. Or try to recupe some hours because they didn't get the raise they thought they should have gotten. I think the benefits at BJ's are comparable to Costco. They do treat their employees better and they start off with better pay, but they are still just a warehouse with more positive managers. Negativity breeds negativity. If all of the team members owned stock in BJ's we might feel as if it is our company, not just a place to go to work. You are what you make it.

  15. I know she is the CEO but Nearly $1 million salary before bonuses and mid managers are at $35k?

  16. Something Wrong at Portsmouth N.H. store...

    I used to work at the Portsmouth, N.H. store for third shift, that used to start at midnight and finish at 8:00 A.M.

    The problem there starts with the manager called Christopher Smith who, together with Jesse Foster and Frank Dubai, used to take 45 minutes break everyday, instead of the 30 minutes that is supposed to be.

    The worst of all is that they used to tell a beginner, called Nick, to punch them in, so their long breaks would never be noticed.

    The other manager, called William Martino, knows everything about it, and does nothing to change the situation.

    I hope someday, the higher lever of B.J.s get to know about it, in order to stop it from happening again and again...

  17. this company really sucks. Idk about the stores everyone else worked at but at the one i was at, we hardly ever had a staff. Just about everyone in the frontline(all 3-5 of us) had to work in just about every part of the store. We'd have 2 cashiers and no recovery or cart person till about 4 hrs before the store closed, so we'd have to use one of our only 2 cashiers to go take care of everything, not to mention having to struggle to find someone on a daily basis to cover the liquor store, foodcourt, and lp breaks and lunches,and then i have to hear customers complain about there never being any help. I told our dumbass managers about getting some more help a thousand times and nothing. Useless sob's.

  18. It seems like ever since bj's was bought by the new owners, things have gotten shittier and shittier. We have one manager that tells everyone about her sex life and shows gross ass pictures of her fat ass and then she goes on to tell on employees for minor petty shit. We also never have any staff and i heard the managers make a nice bonus from having little to no staff even though the sales are supposedly up? Stupid fuckin company ran by a bunch of dumbfucks making stupid decisions. For example, we can't schedule anymore ppl other than the 2-3 ppl working and they hire more ppl? Now i know why this store is named after dick sucking, cuz this place blows.

  19. what i see is a travesty against the workers. cutting pay 10% by cutting hours and cutting benefits by not getting 30 hrs.of work a week.i want you all to see this and let everyone know and get a union or some sort of real representation. stand up to the new ownership or lose everything. star of the month and teamwork another oxymoron when you consider they pit one against the other.

  20. This is amazing to read the timeline about what was going on with this store.

  21. 2/4/13

    Yes, there are of number of things wrong with any job place.
    Pray that these things will be corrected and be thankful you still have employment.
    There are so many people with out jobs and a place to live in this world.
    Be thankful for what you do have.Consider yourself BLESS.

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  23. This store has some serious issues. Starting from Gms on down and department mgrs, they all need to be reassessed. A union needs to get in there to protect people from losing their jobs for no reason. Just because management dosen't know how to run rhere store the underpaid workers have to suffer. More mgrs should get a pay cut. Funny, but we do all the work and they get the money

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  26. Since you take such pleasure in firing good dependable workers, maybe you should just hire the mexicans who will work for minimum wage. I'm sure that will help your store. Also you should be sending your department mgrs for random drug test.

  27. Bj's is the worst company to work for. They fire good people so upper management can get family members in there who don't know shit.

  28. I think management at home office should be changed and should be sent for random drug test. Your management teams suck. None of them know what the hell they are doing

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  33. I have worked fir bj's for 7/12 years before I was let go. New managers were brought in who never worked there before and all the trouble. This man Ted came inti the store because he was related to someone from home office. This man set me up finding out of codes just to get me iut of there. However, he would pull stuff and I would go behind him and I would find numerous items. The bakery manager Tracy would do the same thing. I don't know how you could have management like that working in your store. I was a very dedicated worker, worked thru vacations, came in on my day off, stayed late when they needed me. They have destroyed my life but they are still there. You really need to evaluate your management. The only manager I worked for who treated his employees like people with respect was Scott from ocean. Pete has no clue on how to run a club. It is very sad what has been done to me and many others.

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